Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Archives.

I have always tried to keep The Revolution constantly growing and expanding.  What was first my personal little blog designed for me to blow off steam about comic books slowly expanded into a mult-author review website.  I knew that at some point The Revolution would outgrow the Blogger format and would need to evolve into something bigger and better.  That time is now.

As of now, this blog will now serve as the Archives to the Comic Book Revolution's new website.  I want to thank all the long-time followers of The Revolution for their support.  I really do appreciate it. 

This is a bittersweet moment for me.  I feel like I am leaving the small family home I grew up in and moving into a new and nicer home that I have bought for myself.  Luckily, I will have plenty of roommates as Kevin and Andrenn are both archiving their blogs and joining me at the Comic Book Revolution's new website as full-time contributors. 

I think that everyone will enjoy the Comic Book Revolution's new website.  I have big hopes for The Revolution and will continue to nurture and expand The Revolution in order to make it an even better place for comic book readers to stop by and share their love of this industry.

So, hop on over to for all the new reviews, commentary pieces and interviews.  The best is ahead of us.


Brantley said...

What's the RSS feed for the blog? The only RSS feed I see is for the podcast.

Rokk Krinn said...

@Brantley: You should see the RSS Feed on the left column above the feed for the Podcast. Let me know if it is still not visible. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

love the old format of recapping the stories with image scans, so hope that continues...especially regarding the Image comics stories.

Jimmy Bag said...

Let me be all internet-y and say:

The new site suckz0rz!!!11!
You sold out and whatnot. The old way was better, as it always is and always will be.

Just kidding, I think that with your attitude, your passion and your dedication, any format will work.

See you in the new site

Wine of the month club said...

Congratulations on your success and the need for change.

geek girl said...

Awww... i just found this site and you're moving on :(

Looking forward to your new one though. Good luck! :)

Shane Butler said...

Hi Rokk, greetings from Dublin, Ireland, the land of green, rain, Guinness, fights, U2 and the most corrupt government in Europe. I've been a fan of this blog for the past couple of years and I'm sorry to see it go, but as the saying goes "all good things come to an end". Have already put your new website in my favorites. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight. Vive la revolution.